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List of Pucca's Unknown Episodes

#Season 2

15.Cowboy Years/Sumo Wrench/Teenager Eruption
16.Boyfriend's Kisses/Big Loser?/Super Duper Noodle
17.New Love/Sooga Competition/Matchmaker
18.Brain Drain/Old Man Ho/Around the World with 80 Kisses
19.101 Garus/Sweet Stretch of Love/Puccabot 9000
20.Pocket Honey/Smile/Trial Mode
21.Pucca Turns Evil/Noodle of the Sky/Sing! Tobe! Sing!
22.The Love is Changing?/Lights, Camera, Distraction/Totally Switched
23.Tobe Strikes Back/Cookie Bookie/Party Favors
24.The Incredible Bulk/Sooga or Dooga?/Adventure Out
25.Super Heroes Underground/Dr. Noodle/Survival of the Ninjidiots
26.Team Evil/Vengeance Army/Monster Within
27.Gone a Dark Mo(3 Part episode), a Disney XD Movie with featuring: "Oh My Galaxzo"
#Season 3

1.Gura in Town/How to Kiss a Guy in 10 ways/The Wedding
2.Garu Pan/Pucca's Playhouse/Super Scouts
3.Peace Love/The Rampage/As Pretty as a Ninja
4.Too Many Weird Stuff/How "You Know-Who!" Love "You Know-That!"/Pucca Wars
5.Abyo's Tackle Shop/Doomstown/Garu in Ninjaland
6.Connect More/Sooga Village Unification Day/The News Blues
7.Dead Man's Cave/Mystery Man Tobe/Paper Pucca World
8.Doga in the Sunshine/Garu in Love/Garu Brown and Peppermint Pucca
9.One Man Banned/Dull Ninja/Get Smart
10.The Wet Willie Man!/Sooga Super Squad Returns/ I love Mr. Meany
11.Marry Brids(3 Part episode)
12.Me and You/Every Step You Take/Three Blind Rice
13.Hip Hip Tobe?/One Fan One Man/Pucca's Not Crying
14.Spring Job/Fairy Potter/Bowler-Knowler-Shower-Roller Coaster
15.Suddenly Ring Ring/A Day with Tears/Laugh-Girl
16.Get Fed/Drool Bus/13 Year Old Grownup
17.Folkas on 45/Polka Dot Garu/The Pucca Towers
18.Rain Freeze/Getaway Ching/How to Make Yourself Bonkers
19.Entertainment Fool/April Cools/Push and Pull and Sigh
20.Back to the Present(3 Part episode)
21.Be My Clementine/Not Normal/None
22.There Will Be Tacos/The Roof Side of the Moon/How to Save a Turtle
23.Pentium Brids/Wilderness to Strike/Friday Lunch Til Tuesday
24.Knocked In/Not Without My Girlfriend/Ching and the Temple of Hate

Hi everyone, I found this information from Wikipedia. And it just revealed but it kind a bit different than the last articles. These episodes are unknown yet and I really don't know about Season 3 episodes 25,26 is it there or only just until episode 24.
I wrote it on my blog so I won't lose it again like the last time, and when the last list was lost before it I saw an episode titled "Are You Smarter Than a Big Kisser(3 Part episode)" where was it anyway? Is it gone? but it's not a problem to me by the way I hope all these episodes will appear on TV or YouTube faster, cause I can't wait to watch it!

Made by one of Pucca Fanatic/Fan

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